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cd-r, edition of 50

Katariinan palatsi (2:07)
Kuunrenki (2:31)
Pineapple blues (1:37)
Säkeitä herra vänrikki Tuupaselle II (4:41)
Lurking (1:54)
Kauris (1:42)
Mördare (1:07)
Kaunis (4:31)
Aamuapassi (4:18)
Desperado (1:40)
Duk (2:39)
Lennard (2:42)
Herttua Geiger (0:46)
Hevosen ruokinta (2:38)
Säkeitä herra vänrikki Tuupaselle III (2:34)

KZ: acoustic guitar, synthesizer, percussives and objects
Recorded at Riihimäki, Finland 2008–2009

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4 € in Finland and EU
6 $ elsewhere

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Kospel Zeithorn:

lvjcdr012 (2009)

"Kospel Zeithorn is a solo project by the other main member of Ester poland. This album is slightly different from the previous works. Here you can hear more plain and simplified (semi)acoustic songs with a nice atmosphere, guitar and piano being the leading instruments." – KZ

After seven albums on Wooden Sherpa and a split album with Ester Poland on 267 lattajjaa, Kospel Zeithorn has calmed down and made his best album.

"Kospel Zeithorn on selvästikin rauhoittunut. Pianolla alkava Kaleeri on hillittyä akustista häröilyä, joka ei poukkoile mitenkään holtittomasti. Hyvin suuri osa levystä on paikoillaan jauhavaa hidasta kitaraa, joka ei silti mene perinteisen dronen puolelle. Kokonaisuus on sujuva ja eheä, mutta ainakaan minulle ei oikeastaan avaudu mitä sillä todella haetaan. Taustamusiikiksi levy on liian levoton, intensiivikuunteluun liian tasapaksu, ja koukkuja ei ole nimeksikään.

Oikein toimiva omien raamiensa sisällä, mutta hämmentävän mitäänsanomaton. " (Jiituomas / Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys)

"Kospel Zeithorn has obviously calmed down. Kaleeri, which opens with a piano, is restrained acoustic chaos, but does not spring into too many directions at once. Much of the album is just repetitive, grinding guitar that nevertheless does not enter the territory of traditional drone. As a whole the record is solid and functioning, but I for one can’t really figure out what the band is after. For background music, the album is too restless. For intensive listening it is too uneventful, lacking anything to properly catch attention.

Very functional within its own concept, yet nevertheless remarkably bland." (Jiituomas / Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys)

"I tried to see if I could really find any information on this guy because this album just had this amazingly strange quality to it; somewhat similar to that of such artists as the Jaguar whose outsider music leanings have this brilliantly jarring quality due to their amateurish construction, but unfortunately there wasn’t that much detailed information to be had. I am not sure of the artist’s exact intentions, whether the bizarre concoction of song structures and influences is intentional or the work of some form of idiot savant. I am reminded of everything from Jandek to Keijo to BTO (yes that BTO) in the series of only a few short tracks. If it is variety that you want this album has it is abundance. I am for some unknown reason finding myself really drawn to this disc. This is most definitely not for everyone, but it is definitely for me. 8/10" (Kevin Richards / Foxy Digitalis)

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