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Thee Blind Rice (1:22)
Can't Get You Out of My Head (1:01)
Fourth Eye Overimagination Blues (5:32)
Striped Light (8:42)
Occult Dynamite (9:49)
Three-Bear Dance (4:58)
Science Is What You Forget (3:17)

Three-bear Dance can be listened at SoundCloud

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6 $ elsewhere

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The Insane Birds:
Pyhitetty kääntöpiiri

lvjcdr024 (2011)

Minimalistic sounds and churning drones for a shattered mind

"Patient listeners will find a lot to like on this release, which breaks down noise and ambient sound into dense, minimalistic mental imagery in a compelling way. There is an enjoyable feel to the music that comes through its creator’s strong attention to detail, and an ability to immerse the listener in a field of sound.

The strength of each piece usually comes through the degree to which this small-scale form of emotional expression succeeds, which in this instance is more often than not. On a track such as “Striped Light,” for example, one of the CD’s strongest, small drones that are barely whistles or hums appear among a canvas of quiet static and murky chimes. Moments like these can make you feel as though you are overlooking an empty landscape on a summer evening (that something like this can be conveyed through music is a good thing), and they run consistently through the album.

But there is also a fleeting quality here that makes the whole collection feel somewhat minor, as though a further conceptual leap would be needed to make the tracks take on another dimension. There isn’t enough, in other words, for the audience to reflect themselves within the work; hopefully, however, the project will continue to release more albums such as this, because the efforts here are worthwhile." (Jordan Anderson / Foxy Digitalis)

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