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Au Nord (5:30)
Sanat metsästä / Mots de la Fôret (4:59)
Often in Life (8:04)
From Dawn to Dust (9:53)
Take A Ride (4:14)
For Not to Stay (14:36)

Monolyth & Cobalt: synthesizers, effects, acoustic guitar, percussions, voice
Keijo: electric guitar, mouth-harp, jew's harp, drums, sarod, keyboards, voice

co-work during the year 2012, Bretagne–Kymenlaakso
all music by Monolyth & Cobalt and Keijo
lyrics by Monolyth & Cobalt (#5) and Keijo (#2, #6)

Prices (including postage):
4 € in Finland and EU
6 $ elsewhere

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Kospel Zeithorn:

lvjcdr025 (2013)

A collaborative effort by Monolyth & Cobalt (France) and Keijo (Finland), this album of ambient blues encaptures the melancholy and, well, blues of a modern rambler on the highways of the uniting Europe.

©2013 Jaakob Karhu