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— NEWS —

301216 – The Tailors from Jericho / Paanpa minisplit Avarruskapteeni and the long-awaited second Yölaulajat album are out now!

111216 – Something strange is in the air: lvjcdr006 (finally!) & lvjcdr026 to be released!

250113 – A new collaboration album by Monolyth & Cobalt (of France) and Keijo (of our very dear Kuusankoski, Finland) is out now – as cdr in the old-fashioned way.

250612Kansalaisharha is out now. If you are interested only in the Kospel Zeithorn cdr (e.g. for you can't read Finnish but still want to enjoy nice music), please be free to contact us.

180612 – Next one coming up: Kansalaisharha, a special set including a cd-r by Kospel Zeithorn and a book by Lauri Väinölä in Finnish. Check out samples from both here.


Marko Marin:
Heijastu katoa ja ole valmiina
(lvcdr001, October 2005 cdr)
Majakka ja Perävaunu
(lvjcdr002, January 2006 cdr)
Helmiä sioille
(lvjcdr003, June 2006 cdr)
Reading Sounds
Compilation of sound inspired by classic literature.
(lvjcdr004, May 2007 cdr)
Raamatulliset miehet:
Paavalin kirjeitä Tiitukselle
(lvjcdr005, March 2008 cdr)
Lohtua maailmaan
(lvjcdr006, December 2016 2cdr)

Bearly Queen:
The Infamous Commercial Suicide Album
(lvjcdr007, April 2008 cdr)

Bearly Queen:
Hairy Palm Adventures
(lvjcdr008, July 2008 cdr)

Ester poland:
(lvjcdr009, September 2008 cdr)

Bearly Queen:
Rainbow's End?
(lvjcdr010, December 2008 cdr)

Ihmisen ja koneen välisestä ystävyydestä
(lvjcdr011, May 2009 cdr)

Kospel Zeithorn:
(lvjcdr012, May 2009 cdr)

Vega Stereo:
(lvjcdr013, June 2009 cdr)

Bearly Queen:
Void, Oh The Void
(lvjcdr014, June 2009 cdr)

Maailma hetkinä
(lvjcdr015, September 2009 cdr)

Namo tassa
(lvjcdr016, April 2010 cdr)

Bearly Queen:
(lvjcdr018, April 2010 cdr)

Avaruuspukuinen mies
(lvjcdr019, May 2010 cdr)

Spring Is A Place in The Space
5th anniversary compilation
(lvjcdr020, September 2010 cdr)

Grey Park:
Wet Amen
(lvjcdr021, August 2010 cdr)

Not Less
(lvjcdr022, January 2012 cdr)

Kospel Zeithorn:
(lvjcdr023, July 2011 cdr)

The Insane Birds:
Pyhitetty kääntöpiiri
(lvjcdr024, July 2011 cdr)

Monolyth & Cobalt with Keijo
(lvjcdr025, February 2013 cdr)

Tailors from Jericho | Paanpa:
(lvjcdr026, December 2016 3"cdr)

Älä hinkkaa sitä!
(lvjx001, October 2010 cdr)

Kospel Zeithorn:
(lvjx002, June 2012 book + cdr)

120412 – Added the Foxy Digitalis review of Pyhitetty kääntöpiiri

020312 – Added the Foxy Digitalis reviews (1, 2) of Maailma hetkinä and Namo tassa.

240112 – A review of Wet Amen was released in Foxy Digitalis – not really a review though. Also: Not Less by Keijo is practically and very, very quietly released now.

181211 – Nice people at Foxy Digitalis reviewed Tunneli.

090811Ihmisen ja koneen välisestä ystävyydestä by Paanpa (LVJCDR011) can now be downloaded at iTunes — with nine bonus tracks!

100711 – New albums by Kospel Zeithorn (lvjcdr023) and The Insane Birds (lvjcdr024) are out now!

310411 – The complete Helmiä sioille album by Yölaulajat (lvjcdr003) can now be downloaded from their web site.

281010Ihmisen ja koneen välisestä ystävyydestä has been sold out.

201010Älä hinkkaa sitä! by the project Korvakarvat is out tomorrow – and almost completely "sold" out immediately.

101010 – Next release will be a very special thing called Älä hinkkaa sitä! (Don't Rub It!). It will be an extra limited edition of 20 featuring a school project of 14 year olds: what happens when teenagers who don't know how to make music get all sorts of instruments in their hands and are told to play. The cdr will start a new line of releases featuring this sort of oddball things (with catalogue number lvjx###). — Also: Finnish radio programme Avaruusromua played two tracks from Avaruuspukuinen mies on their show September 19th.

031010 – Finnish culture magazine Kulttuurivihkot has reviewed Avaruuspukuinen mies in its latest issue.

250910 – Psychotropic Zone has reviewed Gestalt both in English and in Finnish.

040910 – Celebrating our fifth anniversary: Spring Is A Place in The Space starring many old friends.

080810Wet Amen by Grey Park is out now! Also the new compilation is almost ready.

270710Desibeli.net has reviewed Avaruuspukuinen mies and Huuhkaja päivänvalossa has reviewed Gestalt (both in Finnish).

310510 – The new Paanpa album, Avaruuspukuinen mies is out now!

090410 – Finally they are out: new albums by Keijo and Bearly Queen! Order now!

090110 – Something new on its way…

151209 – Heathen Harvest has reviewed Rainbow's End?.

031109 – Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys has reviewed lvjcdr014.

021009 – Ville Moskiitto reviews Maailma hetkinä in Huuhkaja päivänvalossa (in Finnish).

180909 – New brief reviews of Maailma hetkinä, Quark and Kaleeri by Kuolleen Musiikin Yhdistys. Check also out Paanpa's cool interview at Desibeli.net (in Finnish)!

040909Maailma hetkinä by Keijo is out!

020909 – Reviewer at Foxy Digitalis didn't like Quark (or at least didn't know how to write a review with something to say in it). Oh well, his the only one.

270809 – Great review of Ihmisen ja koneen välisestä ystävyydestä by Desibeli.net.

110809 – Large chunks of Quark and Void, Oh The Void were played last night on Avaruusromua radio show.

050809 – Foxy Digitalis has reviewed Bearly Queen's Void, Oh The Void.

020809 – Heathen Harvest has slaughtered Reading Sounds in a terrific suck-ass manner: I'm not in the mood for the cover –– I press play and am already disliking anything I'm gonna hear –– I don't like to tell whose track I am commeting, 'cause I prefer calling them track1, 2 and 3. A school book example of how not to write a review.

220709 – i) Some Luovaja releases are now available at Shaytan Production. ii) We're moving after next week, so there will be a short pause in our doings. All the orders will be sent as soon as possible. iii) Some great releases coming on their way!

140609 – Raving review of the Paanpa album by Ville Moskiitto (in Finnish) can be found here.

110609 – In all the quietness, two more releases are out: Quark by Russian duo Vega Stereo and and a new album by Bearly Queen, Void, Oh The Void. – Also a new review of Sateenvarjo has been published on Heathen Harvest.

220509Paanpa and Kospel Zeithorn albums are, like, out!

040509 – Heathen Harvest has reviewed Heijastu, katoa ja ole valmiina. Better late than never, I guess! — Oh, by the way: the Paanpa album is getting closer, wonderful stuff I tell you.

090409 – Legendary Finnish culture magazine Kulttuurivihkot has reviewed all three Bearly Queen albums in its latest issue!

250209 – Foxy Digitalis has reviewed Sateenvarjo.

250209 – Kylmä musiikki has reviewed Hairy Palm Adventures (in Finnish).

250209 – Foxy Digitalis has reviewed Rainbow's End?. — Also, coming up is the debut album by Paanpa, a Finnish lofi-scifi-indie-pop outfit!

010209It's too Damn Early played yesterday the title track of Rainbow's End? – in its 37 minute lenght!

281208 – "Gothic Knife Rule" by Hydor Kephale from Reading Sounds was played on Sound and Emotions show on FM Brussel.

221208 – Music Emissions has reviewed The Infamous Commercial Suicide Album.

061208Rainbow's End? is out! For a special offer, you can now buy the whole BQ's colour trilogy for a special price (10 € / 15 $) till the end of the Holiday season! + Sateenvarjo was reviewed by Huuhkaja päivänvalossa (in Finnish).

301108 – Bearly Queen's "color trilogy" will soon be completed as Rainbow's End? comes out soon! By the way, BQ's "If…" from The Infamous Commercial Suicide Album was played on Sound and Emotions show on FM Brussel.

231108 – Extract of Sateenvarjo by was played on It's Too Damn Early yesterday.

231008 – Kuolleen musiikin yhdistys has reviewed the Ester poland album.

101208 – Foxy Digitalis has reviewed Hairy Palm Adventures.

231026 – Broken Face has reviewed briefly the Raamatulliset Miehet album.

210908Sateenvarjo by Ester poland is out! Check out also the new video for Sateenvarjo.

030908 – Luovaja headquarters will move once again this week. After that the new Ester poland -release will see the daylight. In the meantime, watch the new Raamatulliset Miehet video!

270808Sateenvarjo by Ester poland will be released soon.

280708 – Luovaja on air again: Avaruusromua played part of Hairy Palm Adventures yesterday; the show can be listenede here for a week (only in Finland). Hirvikorpi's "Komako" from Reading Sounds was featured couple of weeks ago in L'étranger radio show on Radio Panik of Brussels; listen that show here.

230708 – Foxy Digitalis has reviewed The Infamous Commercial Suicide Album and Kuolleen musiikin yhdistys Hairy Palm Adventures. Plus: Its too Damn Early radio show played a large chunk of HPA last week!

090708Hairy Palm Adventures is out! (120708: Listen parts II and VI from the album here!)

060808 – The new Yölaulajat album is still waiting for its moment. In the meantime, a new Bearly Queen album is almost read to go! Hairy Palm Adventures features one long piece of sound, around 44 minutes.

150508Huuhkaja päivänvalossa has reviewed the Bearly Queen album (in Finnish).

105008Palasokeri has reviewed the Bearly Queen album (in Finnish).

040508Kuolleen musiikin yhdistys has reviewed the Bearly Queen album.

170408 – A Finnish national radio show Avaruusromua featured music from the Bearly Queen album last Sunday! (And again two weeks later! 270408)

130408Huuhkaja päivänvalossa has reviewed the Raamatulliset miehet -album (in Finnish).

070408The Infamous Commercial Suicide Album by Bearly Queen is out now! — Also, three tracks from The Raamatulliset miehet album were played in It's too Damn Early radio program couple of days ago and Startling Moniker reviewed the album today!

010408Kuolleen musiikin yhdistys has reviewed the Raamatulliset miehet album.

280308 – A new Bearly Queen album The Infamous Commercial Suicide Album will be released soon.

060308Helmiä sioille has been sold out (actually long time ago!).

190108 – Next one up: debut cdr of Raamatulliset miehet will be released soon.

210807Smooth Assailing has reviewed Reading Sounds.

050807Broken Face has reviewed Reading Sounds.

140707Kuolleen musiikin yhdistys has reviewed Reading Sounds.

030607Startling Moniker has commented Marko Marin's album.

250507 – There are now nine full songs to be listened in Luovaja's label page at Last.fm.

220507 – You can now pay with PayPal (check Order page). — Reading Sounds can now be ordered from Ikuisuus, soon also from Tomentosa Records and Myymälä2.

150507Reading Sounds can now be ordered from Boa Melody Bar.

030507Reading Sounds is finally out! The almost ill-fated compilation of experimental music features ten artists being inspired by classic literature, turning written word into wonderful sounds.

171206 – Our next release will be a compilation of sound, inspired by classics of literature. If you are interested in being a part of this project, see the compilation's page for more information.

310806The Broken Face has reviewed the late Majakka ja Perävaunu album.

040806 – Luovaja is fully operational again.

210706 – Ville Moskiitto has reviewed Helmiä sioille in Shortcuts to Enlightenment.

290606 – Luovaja will be on vacation for uncertain time beginning tomorrow. Our headquarters will be moving and because of the suck-ass telephone company of the new location, our Internet service will be working on so-and-so basis for couple of weeks. You can still send your orders by email, but be prepaired for slower service than you would normally get. Meanwhile you can listen to couple of cuts from the Yölaulajat album at Last.fm.

270606 – Harri Teikka has commented Helmiä sioille in his blog.

190606Majakka ja Perävaunu is now officially sold out.

180606 – Check out the brand new website of Yölaulajat on www.yolaulajat.com, and listen samples taken from Helmiä sioille.

170606 – It's out! Luovaja proudly presents Yölaulajat: Helmiä sioille. We don't encourage anyone to buy a copy, but that's only because we don't want to have us being blamed if your daughter falls in love with these boys.

070406Foxy Digitalis has published a short review of Majakka ja Perävaunu by Brad Rose. Speaking of M&P, there are only few copies left, so hurry if you want to get yours!

120306 — Our next release will be the debut of Yölaulajat, the definite piece of shit from Jyväskylä, Finland.

060206Shortcuts to Enlightenment has reviewed Majakka ja Perävaunu (in Finnish).

300106Kuolleen musiikin yhdistys has reviewed Majakka ja Perävaunu (in Finnish).

230106Heijastu, katoa ja ole valmiina is reviewed by Foxy Digitalis. Also, Finnish radio show Avaruusromua featured "Joulukuun ensimmäiset päivät" from the album yesterday.

050106Majakka ja Perävaunu's cdr is out now! Check its page page for it. There is also a special offer for those, who order both Luovaja releases during this January.

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