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LVJCDR004; 2007

cd-r, limited edition of 100

Cover image is a medieval miniature painting taken from Geoffroy Tory's Book of Hours (Touraine, 1533).
Picture on backcover is from the title page of Bill Nye's History of England (J.B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia, 1900).

Prices (including postage):
5 € in Finland and EU
7 $ in elsewhere

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Notes on Vast Active Living Intelligence System
from Reading Sounds

Brent Mini & Eric Lampton are characters in Philip K. Dick's novel Valis (Vast Active Intelligence System). Mini is scarcely masked interpretation of Brian Eno (from his ambient era), Eric Lampton in turn is David Bowie (around Man Whon Fell to Earth). In the book, Mini and Lampton have made a movie together, which resembles the mentioned movie with Bowie. The music of Mini is called "Synchronicity Music" (aka ambient), which is desribed briefly in the novel: computer-created random sounds … constant low murmuring…
     I have been tried to carry this piece of mine out based on that description. My intention is not to imitate Enoa and Bowie, and the result doesn't really sound like their music. The words are also from Dick's novel, from a song Lampton wrote, and are intentionally quite banal."

Ville Moskiitto

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