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LVJCDR004; 2007

cd-r, limited edition of 100

Cover image is a medieval miniature painting taken from Geoffroy Tory's Book of Hours (Touraine, 1533).
Picture on backcover is from the title page of Bill Nye's History of England (J.B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia, 1900).

Prices (including postage):
5 in Finland and EU
7 $ in elsewhere

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Notes on Virtahevon kuolema
from Reading Sounds

Truthfully I had a lof of different books in my mind when I was composing this song, but the right one came up when I was polishing the original mix up. Virtahepo olohuoneessa, written by Tommy Hellsten, is a book on alcoholism and the problems of human mind. It's no secret that I've had a huge share of problems in my life and I am still dealing with them. I have always been as honest about the subject as an introvert Finnish man can be. In the book the psychological problem, whatever it is in your case if any, is pictured as hippopotamus in your living room. In the end, if you figure out your problems and start living a normal, reasonably carefree life, the animal dies and the living room of your mind is finally free from any burdens that might restrict your life. My goal is to figure out myself and kill the animal, hence the name of the song, "Virtahevon kuolema", The Death Of Hippopotamus. Hopefully you will enjoy listening the song. It's a perfect way to end Reading Sounds, even if I say so myself.
Marko Marin

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